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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 10, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good morning. i'm shawn went. i would like to thank mr. santana and mayor quan for their support and giving me this opportunity to serve in their role. >> right now, more changes are being announced about the top of the oakland police department. that news conference criminal stunnedway. that will be one -- still underway. that will be one of the top stories. good afternoon.
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i'm tori campbell. the coast guard and police officials have started their investigation into the deadly capsizing of an america's cup boat on san francisco bay. the swedish entry into the america's cup artemis was training on the bay yesterday morning when the catamaran capsized. 36-year-old andrew simpson was trapped under the both and died. the coast guard, san francisco police and the america's cup event authority are all investigating the incident. in the past hour, investigators spoke publicly about the accident. claudine wong is live in san francisco with the emotional tribute to the artemis sailor who died and their thoughts on how this will affect the races on the bay. >> reporter: that press conference wrapped up been the past ten minutes at pier 37. if you take a look around, you can see people breaking down and the interview still being conducted. we've learned organizers said nothing is off the table which
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means there could be no changes following this accident or the race could be called. they just won't say. only saying a review must be done first before decisions could be made. it was emotional here. no representatives from the artemis team because the america's cup regatta director said they are giving them time to grieve. although it became very quickly, very quickly that they are grieving themselves. >> andrew was a very good friend. he -- he [inaudible] >> reporter: not a lot of new details on exactly what happened yesterday. the regatta director says all they know for sure is the artemis team was competing with the oracle team doing a
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bearaway. the boat cap size -- capsized. it's not clear what happened between that maneuver and the accident. >> it appears that bart was trapped under the solid sections of the yacht. out of view, out of sight to the myriad of people on board trying to locate him including proper divers with an a -- a apparatus. >> reporter: organizers here at the america's cup say bart simpson was at the top of his game. he leaves behind a wife and an infant son. >> the america's cup is really like a big family. we bicker and we quarrel and all of those sorts of things but when something happens to one of our members, we all feel
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the lost. >> reporter: so the immediate result of this is that practices have been called off for the next three days. the only other team that could be practicing is the oracle team and they've agreed not to get in the water until monday. the big review is monday. that will determine what happens next. at this point, it's not clear how long that review is going to take. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. the ktvu web department is putting up longer video segments from last hour's segments on the way. you can see that video on right now, the san francisco fire department is holding a training exercise dealing with water rescues. the trill is taking place -- drill is taking place across ocean beach. we'll show you highlights. there are new details in the case of cleveland women held can't iive and abused for -- captive and abused for ten years. tests have con-- confirmed that
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ariel castro is the father of the little girl rescued from the home. the 6-year-old girl is the daughter of one of the kidnapping victims, amanda berry. castro has been charged with rape and kidnapping and is being held on $8 million bond. this morning, texas law enforcement officials launched a criminal investigation into that deadly fertilizer plant explosion and fire last month. 14 people were killed after a fire erupted at the west, texas facility. today, public safety officials announced that state rangers and the mcclelland county sheriff's department are investigating the incident. until now, the blast was treated as an industrial accident. today, a peninsula lawmaker is introducing legislation in response to last weekend's limousine fire that killed five women. the bill authored by jerry hill of san mateo would require fire
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extinguishers be kept in all limos. right now, it's optional. an aide to senator hill says he expects the bill to be beefed up to increase regulation to limousine companies and that includes regulation of limo conversion where luxury cars are converted to stretch limos. officers arrested a man this morning after authorities say he crashed his minivan into one of the south bay's busiest hospitals. as janine de la vega reports, the incident has prompted hospital officials to rethink safety measures. >> this picture was snapped soon after this minivan came barreling into the lobby of the slay valley medical center. the van crashed through a plate glass window and hit the wall in the admitting area. debris went everywhere. >> it was quite shocking to see a minivan in the lobby. our main concern was the safety for the staff and any incoming patients. >> reporter: the van didn't hit anyone but glass and debris hit
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a man. he had minor cuts. the driver was taken to the emergency room. his van was towed as the chp investigated the incident. they interviewed the driver not hurt. >> during the interview process something didn't look correct. so they performed field sobriety tests on him and did determine he was under the influence. >> reporter: police arrested this 33-year-old man. they say he was driving under the influence and with a suspended license. these barriers were put in front. hospital to protect pedestrians walking inside. this is exactly where the minivan came crashing through the window. these cement barriers, about 15 feet apart from each other and now the hospital is re- evaluating their placement. >> we are re-evaluating their entrance to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: workers spent the morning cleaning up the mess and making temporary repairs. hospital workers say it's a blessing. this happened at 4:00 a.m. because there was not foot
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traffic because they fear more traffic would have not been hurt. in san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. more on the developing news we mentioned at the top of the news cast. we have more changes to report in the oakland police department with another shakeup at the top. it's developing news with an announcement in the past 30 minutes. ktvu's brian grow flores is live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we just got word that anthony toribio is stepping down just as new recommendations were just being released on how to fight oakland's crime. they held a press conference working this morning -- word coming down he's stepping down. family concerns were cited for leaving his post. he took over for howard jordan who stepped down because of medical concerns. anthony toribio was supposed to take over for jordan until they found a new chief.
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now oakland will bring in the fifth chief. this afternoon they announced that shawn went will be the new acting chief of police. they held a press conference this morning. he's re acaction -- here's reaction. >> i understand the suddenness of these changes may cause speculation, the challenges that we already -- may already have may be exasperated but in fact the opposite is true. >> reporter: he leads the bureau of risk management, overseeing the department's compliance efforts. he's worked at the department of internal affairs and the academy. he's a 17-year veteran and is graduate of cal east bay. he also announced members who will be part of his team. mayor jean quan also made some comments this afternoon. she says pretty much this has been a whirlwind week for the city of oakland. but she's confident and now
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interim -- with now interim chief went on developing this plan. she says the new plan could be developed within a matter of weeks, if not months. we'll stay onen to of this and have more at -- on top of this and have more at 5:00. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> reporter: 2,000 people roll out their sleeping bags for the bottlerock music festival. we'll tell you more about this city and concerts for charity. rosemary is promising the bay area will warm up in time for the weekend. she'll have details in a minute. and the unusual restaurant that burned in san francisco and why special equipment was needed to fight the flames.
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a silver spire is atop the world trade center. it was lifted to the top of one world trade center this morning, making it 17,076 and now the tallest building -- 1,706 and now the tallest building. it will be a broadcast tower. it will have a light that listen visible from miles away just like the statue of
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liberty. cool train on the peninsula is getting back to normal after a woman was struck and killed this morning at 7:45 at a train crossing a half-mile north of the burlingame caltrain station. caltrain says an express train traveling 73 miles an hour hit a woman standing on the tracks. the victim has not yet been identified. investigators say they don't know why the woman was on the tracks. a caltrain spokesman said this was a tragic incident for both the victim and the engineer and crew. usual protocol is to get time off. we make counseling available to them. there's a group of conductors and engineers who take it upon themselves to who are there who have been in these incidents. a popular san francisco restaurant is closed after a fire broke out at 3:00 a.m. at the forbe's island restaurant between piers 39 and 41. that's near the pier 39 home of
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the popular sea lions. firefighters had a tough time putting the fire out because you can only get to the restaurant by boat. the restaurant's owner was the only person there when the fire started. he got out safely. no injuries were reported. flames and smoke seriously damaged the building. there's no word on when it will reopen. >> the restaurant will be closed for good until they find out what happened, how it started and after it's rebuilt. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation. oakland firefighters were busy this morning putting out a fire at a barbecue restaurant. flames broke out at 10:00 a.m. at the smoky fire pit restaurant on bancroft avenue. the fire was on the second floor and in the attic of the building. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. san jose officials say it could be weeks before an arbitrator announces a decision on raises for police officers. the department says the raises are needed to attract new
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recruits after a wave of retirements and resignations in recent years. the city hall agrees the raises are needed. city officials say the requested raises would cost more than double that's been set aside for pay increases. the arbitration is taking place under rules approved by voters in 2010. the oakland police department is opening its doors tonight to the community. it's the department's second annual open house event. and it comes a few days after oakland police chief howard jordan announced his retirement and just a few hours after the interim chief is stepping down which we just mentioned. the doors will be open at the police administration building on 7th street between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. the event will give residents an opportunity to meet police officers and members of the department's command staff. the music has just started about 15 minutes ago for today's performances at the bottlerock festival in napa. but as tara moriarty found out this morning, the fans were up
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early and ready to rock and roll. >> reporter: an oakland native fries up an omelet. >> we're from indiana and we came out to see the festival. >> reporter: music fans pitched tents a few miles from the napa fairgrounds where the five-day festival kicked off on wednesday. have you seen anything like this before? >> nothing this big. >> reporter: the event which benefits charities opened with ryan lewis. it features more than 60 acts, including kings of leon, james addiction and jackson browne. >> i saw every age level cheering on the black crows. i saw little kids and people who could be my grandparents. >> reporter: we learned people came here from as far away as
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london and florida. the hotel prices were steep. >> at least $350 a night. >> reporter: as opposed to what? >> $80 a night here. yeah. and you get a shuttle. >> ya! >> reporter: while some neighbors have complained about the noise festival, others praise it for bringing a revenue boost to napa. most people we talked to said they hope bottlerock won't be a one-hit wonder. new noon, san francisco rescuers jumped into chilly water t morning. the fire department just wrapped up the surf rescue certification training. dozens of fire department swimmers practiced their spotting, tracking and rescue teak meeks. >> they got floatation and they were secure and we use our fins to bring them in.
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>> the department says its surf rescue crews respond to an average of 89 water calls a year. they've responded to 37 calls so far this year. a warming trend is going to arrive in time for your mother's day weekend. outside our doors we have mostly sunny skies. mostly sunny skies around most of the bay area. still seeing it hanging on. just inside the bay across the east bay, you can see it there and hugging the coastline. the onshore breeze continues anywhere from 5 to 10 to even 16 miles an hour in fairfield as well as sfo. it's going to be weakening over the course of the next 24 hours or oso. ridge of high pressure beginning to build in. as it does, we're going to see that nice warmup especially inland. i think a notal warmup for you along the coastline, it will be subtle. we're not gonna lose the sea breeze all together. 60 in oakland. 58 sfo. 54 san francisco. so still a little cool in some areas along the coast as well
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as inside the bay but you get inland, fairfield, 72 and mostly sunny skies. 78 in antioch. still feeling pretty good at this hour. we'll continue the warming trend. so today, a few degrees whammer than yesterday. by tomorrow, temperatures will nudge up once again and sunday looks to be the warmest day. along the coastline we'll begin to see a little bit of sunshine for the afternoon saturday and sunday. and as we get into saturday and sunday, the penetration of that marine layer we saw this morning, not as extended. our inland areas will wake with mostly sunny skies. 78 expected for fairfield. low 70s vallejo, around the bay, i should say. 54 in berkeley. 64 in oakland. 61 san francisco. along the coast going to be a cool day and i think that fog is gonna stick in some areas. upper 50s to low 60s. areas right around pacifica, half moon bay. low 70s in santa cruz. the sunshine is pulling through as we speak. and you will be mostly sunny for the afternoon. 78 for morgan hill, this
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afternoon. 80 degrees in gilroy. if you are gonna see the giants play, bring along a jacket. upper 50s at game time, partly cloudy skies and that westerly breeze blowing anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour. your extended forecast here, again, temperatures continuing to warm inland. we're starting to see a bit of that summer pattern where it's cool at the coast. widespread 80s expected for the inland communities. notice the heating trend doesn't last too long. temperatures will fall off as we get work on monday. happy mother's day. >> you too. game 3 is tonight and the series is tied. the warriors will look to take control over the spurs. we were in practice as they prepared for game 3. it's the best of seven series. the first team that wins four games will win the series. game 4 is saturday afternoon at oracle. bay area sports fans may be
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able to own a piece of candlestick park. they may sell seats from the stadium. the 49ers have played at the park since 1971. the giants played at the stadium from 1960 to 1999 and it was the site of the beetles' final concert. candlestick park will be demolish after they move into levi stadium for the 2014 season. another judge is about to leave the hit fox show "american idol." this time it's a name everyone knows. and why a lot of bay area people may be spend on not one but two lotteries this weekend.
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stock market mostly flat in afternoon trading but still on track to finish the week hire. the -- higher. the price of crude oil fell. that turn -- pushed down the dow prices tied to commodity prices. exxon and shell fell. the dow is at 1580. the nasdaq is up 22. and the s&p is up 3. mountain view police are asking for your help in a fraud case. the victim was able to provide police with a description to create these sketches. the victim was approached by the spanish-speaking man and woman last month on el camino real in mountain view. the couple said they won the
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lottery and needed help collecting the winnings because they were in the u.s. illegally. they convinced the victim to hand over money and jewelry as a good faith gesture in return for a share of the wins. there are two big jackpots. the megahomicide is up to -- the megamillion is up to 154 million. the powerball, 270 million. no one in california has won powerball yet since our state started playth the game last month. the last "american idol" judge is voting himself off the judge. >> i think the third time is gonna be a charm for you. what do you all think? >> yesterday, randy jackson announced he would leave "american idol" at the end of this season to focus on business ventures. jackson has been a judge on the show since "i toll" debuted --
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since "idol" debuted. today at 5:00 on ktvu news, oakland is on its third police chief in four days. what is behind the shakeup that's led to a shuffle of top brass and what lies ahead for the embattled oakland police department. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we're always here for you at and mobile have a great day. [ male announcer ] a north atlantic lobster tail
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